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Touchless Trash Cans are an increasingly popular product for both residential and commercial settings. Touchless trash cans save time by eliminating the need to touch or place your hands near the can to activate the sensor. The motion-sensing technology also ensures that waste is deposited into the can without contact, reducing the potential for cross contamination.
Touchless Trash Cans are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your specific needs. Some models include a built-in sensor and infrared motion detector, while others require that you attach a sensor yourself. Regardless of model, all touchless trash cans come equipped with a durable build and weatherproofing for use in inclement weather.

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The best Touchless Trash Cans come with a variety of features to make your life easier. Consider the size of your trash can, the type of sensor that it uses, and how easy it is to use. Some models have infrared sensors, which allow you to open the can without having to touch it. Others have cameras that watch as you take out your trash, so you don’t have to reach down into the can.

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Touchless Trash Cans are now available in a variety of colors and styles, including slim style cans, round style cans, and dual-purpose cans. These trash cans are designed to make it easier to keep your kitchen clean by eliminating the need to touch or pick up your garbage. Simply press the pedal on the can to activate the camera and watch as the garbage is automatically collected and disposed of.

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