Best 10 Key Calculator

When it comes to calculating large sums of money, you can’t go wrong with a good calculator. Here are ten key calculator products that you may want to consider adding to your toolkit.

HOW TO CHOOSE BEST 10 Key Calculator

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may have different preferences when it comes to key calculators. However, if you are looking for a key calculator that can cover a wide range of basic mathematical operations, the following ten models may be suitable for you:
1. Casio FX-9400G (Estimated price: $60)
2. HP 15C (Estimated price: $50)
3. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus GX (Estimated price: $60)
4. Casio FX-9800P (Estimated price: $100)
5. HP 20C (Estimated price: $70)
6. Apple iPad mini 3 Bluetooth Calculator ($129)
7. Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus GX Silver Edition (Estimated price: $40)
8. HP 10C (Estimated price: $30)
9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ Wacom Tablet Touch Screen Multi Function Calculator ($399)
10. Asus ZenPad C302M-A1 Tablet PC with NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 Quad Core Processor, 8GB Memory & 256GB Storage ($429)


  • Color graphing Calculator with High resolution LCD display (over 65, 000 colors)
  • Natural textbook display
  • Picture plot technology/ Real life images
  • 3 D graphing capability
  • Built in conic sections
  • Tough-Solor
  • 10 bar water resistant
  • World Time
  • Smart Access
  • Japan Imported
  • 2-color printer helps prevent reading errors
  • Angled display allows comfortable viewing on desktop
  • Large keys offer fast, easy data input for accurate use
  • Also includes sign change, tax calculation and more
  • Full-color LCD screen - bursting with over 65,000 brilliant colors with a spacious 3.7" LCD Screen - over 82,000 pixels (384 x 216)
  • Users can create graphs over pictures of real-life scenes to better understand mathematical functions
  • Color-Link and conditional formatting for graphs, charts and spreadsheet formatting
  • Casio "Picture Plot" Technology - infusing real images into math
  • 16MB maximum storage memory capacity and Requires 4 AAA batteries
  • Color graphs
  • PC link port
  • 3.7 inch color display
  • Fraction key
  • Complex number calc
  • 3-in-1 design: use as a fully functional calculator or a 19-key pad for data entry or a USB hub
  • Integrated USB hub has 2 USB ports for your extra work accessories
  • Quickly switch between keypad and calculator with a simple press of the mode button
  • Clear LCD display works in various lighting conditions
  • No software needed, just plug it in to use


This article covers 10 key calculator products that are essential for students, professionals, and hobbyists. These products include a basic calculator, scientific calculators, graphing calculators, financial calculators, and more.

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